A Career as a Lawyer

A litigation attorney facilitates as a professional in such cases that are necessary to go under legal trial and cant be settled down outside the courtroom.According to the needs of different clients a litigation lawyer is usually hired by the law firms. Litigation lawyers deal with various types of cases like, criminal cases, civil case, and property dispute or capital offenses. Although litigation lawyers have not done specialization in any specific area of law, yet they can deal with any kind of legal trial. Try to develop outstanding spoken skills since childhood. At school time, participate in debates so that you can learn how to be argumentative and could develop excellent communication skills and it will enhance your confidence as well.

1.After completing your schooling, you have to follow a four year undergraduate program. Universities and colleges offer ample arts subjects from which you have to choose. Try to choose a subject that will help you in future like, philosophy will help to enhance your argumentation skills. No matter what you have chosen but in the end your final GPA should be high, it will help you a lot to get admission.

2.First you have to take the LAST (Law School Admission Test). You can take Law School Admission Test during you senior year of college. After paying registration fee of $136 you can appear in the test for four times in a year. So, if your score is low in the test or you are not satisfied with your performance, you can take it again.

3.You can register yourself with the Law School Admission Counsel (LSAC) online at http://wwwdotlsacdotorg/. To register along with all the documents which are requested by the law school in which you want to apply youll have to submit your school transcripts, letters of motivation, recommendation letters from your teachers.

4.You have to wait for few months for the answer from the law school. And after getting an answer it will take few more months to be enrolled in law school. Try to use this free time in a productive way by doing a job or internship in a law firm.

5.When your law studies starts, be focused on becoming a litigation lawyer. Discuss with your teachers about the career lane you want to choose and get direction about the courses you should have to choose.

6.Start an internship in the litigation section of a local law firm. During internship perform at your best keep yourself connected with the organization so that after graduation you would apply for the post as litigation lawyer in the same firm.

7.Submit your application to appear in the bar examination in advance while you are still in law school or few months left to be passed out.

8.After getting Juris Doctor Degree and passing the bar exam you can start your practice as a lawyer.

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