Considering the Medical Field

Many people enter the field of medicine for dozens of reasons, but most of the people who have medical careers are in their current positions simply because of the raw desire to help other people live healthier and more comfortable lives.

Studying to become a medical professional is hard work. There are tons of books to read and countless hours to spend studying for tests and hands on exams. A high IQ on its own will not be enough to get you through the tough challenges of medical school, unless you have patience, determination and the desire to succeed as well.

As children, many people have had dreams of becoming a doctor when they grow up. However, even if these people do decide to pursue a career in medicine, many of them believe that it is simply too hard or too long to be a doctor. Instead, they opt for other medical courses like nursing or physical therapy.

If you are the type of person who thrives under pressure and loves excitement, you might want to consider becoming an EMT or an emergency medical technician. These are the people who rush to scenes of accidents and they have the job of securing the patient’s condition and keeping them stable until they reach the emergency room.

Studying drugs to be a pharmacist is another option you can take when choosing a medical career. Pharmacists have very important roles because they provide the people with the right medicine for their ailments. At times, they also inform doctors of the recommended dosage for new drugs, as well as the adverse reactions people might experience with these medications.

If lab work is your thing, you can try becoming a lab technician or medical technician. They are in charge of performing analyzes and tests of various bodily fluids that are submitted by patients. A couple of decades ago, a lab technician’s job took a while to finish, but with the introduction of advanced scientific equipments in the lab, the technician’s job has been made not only easier but also faster and more accurate.

If you prefer not to get involved with the more intensive medical procedures, but still want to serve others as a medical professional, you can take a job as a medical assistant. You will be in charge of keeping all documents updated and helping the doctor keep the clinic organized.

Working in the field of medicine is definitely one of the most meaningful careers you can ever do.

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